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| Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Earlier Andy Lau help Hong Kong Tourism Board to shoot a promotional clip. In the clip, other than introducing the 100 history of Hong Kong, Andy also brought everyone to Tsz Shan village where he was born, from there he introduce to the audience the Hongkongers' culture and villagers' bond.

As Andy need to introduce the 100 years of changes of Hong Kong in the clip, thus the Hong Kong Historic Museum was chosen as the location shooting venue.

Being the first time to step into the museum, Andy was surprised that Hong Kong had really gone through alot to attain today's status, he was part of these history thus made him think of them.

When he walk past the 60's store, Andy immediately rushed in and said: "When I was young, my family also owns a store like this!" Andy than impersonate a wax figure to have his photograph taken.

When he see the barber shop, he jumps onto the barber chair to have his photograph taken.

Since young, Andy followed his parent to leave Tsz Shan village, he had since seldom return there. When the whole crew set off to the village, although the place selected is not where Andy had lived but rather location shooting at a nearby area but the villagers and village head were there waiting for Andy's arrival. When Andy alights from the bus, villagers surrounded him for autographs and photographs, some old grannies even hold onto Andy and asked him: "Do you still remember me? I open a store in the village, you came and help me when you're young, help me send my regards to your mother...."

The village head hold Andy's hand and ask him to come back to pay them a visit and ask one villagers to run back home to get a photograph to show Andy, it's a photograph taken when they are still young and was playing soccer together, however after looking at the photograph, Andy could not recognise which one is him, but the villagers confirms that one of the boys in the photograph is Andy as Andy burst into laughters.

Andy exclaim: "I leave the village around 6-7 years old, but the group of boys in the photographs at least look like 14-15 years old, how could me be one of them? I really don't remember that I took this photograph."

Andy exclaimed that he had not return to the village for a long time while his parents will return to the village shortly to pay respect to their ancestors, as he'll be busy with his work thus he'll be absent. From what he knows that the house that he once stayed is still there but other relatives of his occupy the house now. While thinking of the past, he feel proud of his father as his father is brave to bring the whole family to experience city life and not stay in the village depending on the dirstibution of great grandfather's land to strive on his own.

news from: Sohu.com