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| Tuesday, April 05, 2005

1 April is April's Fool Day, a club in Haikou published an advertisment in the newspaper that they'll be inviting "Andy Lau" to perform, however its customers fail to see the heavenly king. When answering its customer, the club quipped that it's their April's Fool "happy" programme.

On 28 March, readers informed us that Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau will be performing in a club on 2 April at 12:30AM, the club even publish an advertisment in a Haikou newspaper. When our reporter paid the club a visit, its crew members express: "Andy will be here."

Around 8 PM on 1 April, our reporter went to the club and see the poster at the entrance with balloons hanging on the entrance, understand from the crew member that the decoration is to welcome Andy and the waiters' hair was also styled by professional stylists. Soon, many customers crowded the club. From 8PM, the club starts playing Andy's songs. Around 12 AM, the reporter checked with the waiters: "When will Andy arrives?" The waiter answers: "12:30AM."

The reporter waited till 1AM, but Andy is still nowhere in sight, no autographed CD albums were distributed.

What is understood is that normally the club doesn't state any minimum amount spent at the club, but that night one need to spent a minimum of $280. A customer says: "I rushed in after seeing the advertisment, waited the whole nigjt and failed to see Andy Lau, they purposely trying to cheat people?"

On 2 April, the management of the club was interviewed by our reporter, he says: "It's impossible for Andy to come, this is just a joke for April's Fool Day, we're not trying to cheat our customers."

The consumers association pointed out that if they publicly done an advertisment in the media as promotion and in fact such event won't happen, that's mean they publish a fake advertisment. If any consumers were to lodge a complaint, the club will be dealt with accordingly.

news from: Hainan Financial Daily