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| Thursday, March 31, 2005

On Andy Lau's official website - andylau.com, if fans is to download his songs' ringtone, mobile phone wallpaper, picture and text messages, one need to purchase TOKEN and use the TOKEN to pay for their downloads.

Every TOKEN is worth HK$1 with a limitation to be spent within 6 months. When a fan wanted to leave a message through their mobile phone to Andy, they need to spent 3 TOKEN and the webmaster promise that the message will be sent to Andy's mobile phone.

These services is only targeted to Hong Kong mobile phone users. According to feedback from Hong Kong fans, the reply "happy to chat with you" sms that they recieved didn't state that the writer of the message is Andy, therefore it's impossible to confirm if the message is really sent by Andy Lau himself.

news from: Chinese Financial Web