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| Friday, April 01, 2005

At Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, there is already one Andy Lau wax figure but there was plans to make another new wax figure for the heavenly king. What's special is that the brand new "Andy Lau" will have a "heart that produce heart beat".

Andy is one of the first Hong Kong artistes to have a wax figure, according to the museum's spokeswoman Ms. Mak, when the first "Andy Lau" was open for viewing, Andy whom was present was very satisfied with the figure as he kept singing praises that it look like him, however he feel that the skin is too tanned. Ms Mak revealed that the museum is planning to produce a brand new "Andy Lau" with the latest wax figure manufacturing technology. This wax figure will have a heart that has "heart beat", fans can personally experience Andy's "heart beat", it will be the first such wax figure in Asia.

With regards to why Andy was chosen as he already have one wax figure, Ms Mak explains that market research is done before any wax figure is made, from the result the research, Andy still has the highest popularity. Ms Mak reveal: "This brand new "Andy Lau" will be available in the museum early this month."

news from: Sina.com