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| Monday, March 28, 2005

Eric Tsang was in Shenyang for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for a department store. After the ceremony, Eric went through a short interview by the reporters before ending it quoting the reason that he need to rushed back to Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Films Awards ceremony as the Hong Kong movie industry is having downturn, himself being the Hong Kong Artiste Association chairman, he had to support the annual event.

When talked about the ceremony, he had the rights to speak as he was once the committee member, he feel that the biggest winner should be the newcomer or those whom made breakthroughs. From what he see from the 24 years of HKFA, he can see that clearly the line of new actors could not match the experienced actors as he always see familiar faces in the nomination list. A disappointed Eric whom exclaim that this problem will affect the whole movie industry, he sighs: "The Hong Kong movie industry requires the strengths of newcomers!"

When asked if all newcomers need to follow Andy Lau in order to revive the Hong Kong movie industry? When he heard "Andy Lau", Eric's face is full of smiles, he says: "Haha, Andy is imcomparable! No matter it's his drawing power, human relationship, or even box office, he's number one. I'm once a committe member, many members would be willing to cast a vote for him, they just like his performance. Sometimes, when he tries many different type of characters, it'll disperse the votes for him, as some members prefers one movie while the other members pefers another movie of his."

It's heard that Andy is very hardworking as he's always showing concern to the movie industry. Eric reveals that since 1992, Andy had invest money to produce movies which is very encouraging. However, they are artistes whom are willing to invest in their own movies to save the movie industry but Hong Kong is still lack of big companies to support the market, he says: "In the past, Shaw Brothers in the 60's, Golden Harvest in the 70's and Cinema City in the 80's. Currently, movie companies depend on the survive on the sale of the film, thus the producer cannot make his own decision. The cinemas wanted box office gurantee artistes to film commerical films, thus there will be only one genre of films, that's bad for the industry."

news from: Sina.com