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| Friday, April 01, 2005

Even though the Hong Kong Films Awards had ended but allegations still continues, among them, the bickering between Tsui Siuming and Man Chuen catches the most attention. Andy Lau whom always supported the movie industry is disappointed with their bickering.

Andy speaks frankly that he thinks that the allegations is disrespect for the Hong Kong movie industry. Thus whom's in the right or wrong, he doesn't want to investigate but he just hope that they can stop their bickering. He says: "It is because no matter who wins or loses, it'll still cause hurt to the movie industry. Everyone should look at it in a wider view and be more forgive, on this matter, maybe Man Chuen or Tsui is in the wrong as they maintain their own point of view. I hope this won't continues as their behaviour will make audience disappoint in the movie industry." Andy added that Man whom wrote a new book and invited him to write a calligraphy - 'Use what to save the movie industry?', he suggest Man to read his own book and think what he can used to save the industry. With i-CABLE Communications Limited venturing into movies, Tsui will be spending his time on movies instead of bickering.

When talked about Cecilia Cheung presenting award and use the description of "wrinkled man" on the Best Actor which spurns comments that she overdo it and shown disrespect. On Cecilia's comments, Andy exclaimed that such comments is not worth discussing and it won't have any after-effect, as Cecilia is an out-spoken person and the nominees are rather more mature.

In addition, Andy attended a TV prize presentation ceremony - 15th TV Awards 2005 as special guest and several winners exclaimed that they would like to collaborate with Andy in a drama serial. However, Andy exclaim that currently he won't be filming any drama serial as his work schedule had been arranged till March or April 2006 thus he had no time for it, he exclaimed that if he were to film a drama serial again, he hope that it'll be a period drama as he'll have more time to narrate the deeper topics as for 'shi zhuang' (current time) drama, the topics are mostly similiar.

In recent years, many newcomers shine in the TV scene, when asked when Andy will take a look at the newcomers of the TV scene, he feel that Ron Ng Cheuk Hai and Myolie Hu are putting their efforts in their serials, whereas among the experience actors, he feel that Sheren Tang and Gigi Lai is doing quite well, although both of them have been in this circle for many years, with their results, it's worth everyones' admiration.

It was delight for Ronwhom was first time to be selected as "Top 10 TV artiste" and to be able to recieve the award from his idol - Andy.

news from: Ta Kung Pao, Wei Wen Po, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Sina.com