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| Tuesday, April 05, 2005

In several recent movies activities, Andy Lau whom once exclaimed to the media that movies is his life, was present to promote Hong Kong movies. With more then 100 movies under his belt, he revealed his dream that is collaborating with Chow Yun Fatt in a movie similiar to Godfather.

Andy has a strong relationship with Chow as he expressed when Chow ventures into Hollywood: "If Chow were to come back to shoot movies, he'll definitely feel 100% more respect from Chinese then from the foreigners." To Andy, Chow is his teacher and friend. Andy's big break into movies is Boat People where he was recommended by Chow.

"Gold-plated" manager Li Xiaoling once exclaimed: "Actually, Chow Yun Fatt had discover the current heavenly king Andy Lau." Indeed, when Andy graduate from TVB artiste training classes and running around with small roles in TVB, Chow had become famous with Shanghai Grand and set up a company with Li preparing to nurture newcomers with potiential, the first came to Chow's mind is Andy Lau.

From a cameo character without a name to a unamed gangster in Chow's A Better Tomorrow, he gained popularity in Chinese film as "Xiao Dao" in Chow's God of Gamblers, Andy confirms his status as heavenly king as it also the 'xiao di' behind Chow to become today's mega-star.

news from: Afternoon Daily