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| Tuesday, July 12, 2005

[Short note: Sigh! Didn't get the chance to meet Andy at the airport, wrong day and time. Anyway, I'm back!]

Sammi Cheng whom finally show face days earlier in a dinner with Johnnie To after close to a month of resting, set off to Beijing for the dubbing of her new movie Everlasting Regret in Beijing yesterday. She appeared refreshing and was all smiles thus allegations that she's in poor health were untrue.

Meanwhile Sammi's good friend, Andy Lau whom returned to Hong Kong from a fan gathering in Japan yesterday was received by around 10 female fans. When asked about Sammi's re-appearance and if he had keep in touch with her to know of her health conditions, Andy says: "It's enough to know that she's happy! Actually she doesn't need to do any clarification. But looking from another angle, everyone should not ask about Sammi or made up any false reports, for those which did those false reports should apologise to her, it would be more fair to artistes!"

In between, some cable TV wanted to interview Andy but was rejected by him as he requested them to remove their station's logo before accepting to be interviewed by them. He said in Mandarin: "If this logo is there, I cannot be interviewed by you."

news from: udn news, Sing Pao, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News