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| Thursday, June 30, 2005

Andy Lau is going to held his concert in Kuala Lumpur in December!

Last year, Andy held 2 concerts at Genting Highlands however he chose to hold it in Kuala Lumpur and the organiser will announce the concert details next month which includes the dates, venue and ticket prices but it was heard that the concert will be held before Christmas.

The theme of the concert will be the same as last year August's 15 nights Vision Tour 2004 in Hong Kong Coliseum. Before coming to Malaysia, Andy will start his concert tour in Mainland China in September, Malaysia will be his only stop in South-east Asia.

Currently Andy is busy with the shooting of his new movie, All About Love where he'll take up 2 characters with Charlene Choi and Charlie Yueng as his wife.

With regards to whether Andy to come to Malaysia to promote for his concert, you have to take note of the reports from e News.

news from: China Daily Times