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| Friday, July 01, 2005

Recently, many ambulances were seem on the streets, everyone should take note if any of the medical officer resemble Andy Lau as he was currently shooting his self-invested All About Love, transformed as a medical officer, he still start work despite heavy rain.

Due to the recent downturn in the movie industry, many investors had second thoughts of investing in movies but Andy's Focus Films is singing the opposite as it invested HK$20 million, not including the actors' fees to shoot a love novel theme movie. In the movie, Andy played 2 character which is a doctor and hair stylist with Charlene Choi and Charlie Yeung as his wives. Playing 2 different characters and a 4-way relationship could be considered as a challenge to Andy's acting.

All About Love is scheduled to be shot within 6 weeks, the shooting crew went location shooting at Kowloon's Western Harbour Tunnel exit, blocked one lane to shoot an accident scene, however it started to rain thus work had to be stopped and tents had to be set up. For progress of filming to goes smoothly, the crew decided to shoot the scenes inside the ambulance. Wearing a medical officer uniform, Andy appeared busy as he walked around the ambulance and director. Being the boss, Andy appeared very hardworking as he does all the things himself, he discuss the angle of cameras with the director, chit chat with the crew members with lots of expression, but Charlie whom had some love scene with him was nowhere to be seen.

Medical officer Andy strikes again yesterday as he lead Suet Wong and other medical officers to a unit at Wah Fu Estate to save someone. As the summer holidays are near, all kids at home came out to be onlookers as being told that Andy was filming, most aunties whom had seen Andy dressed up as a medical officer sang praise of him being handsome. Although the shooting place were full of people but everybody keep in order as they didn't disrupt the shooting. The crew knock off around 6:30pm, when Andy was about to leave, the excited kids went forward to wave and shake hand with him. Andy smiles and as per request, shake hands with them and sign autographs for them.

news from: SingPao