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| Monday, June 27, 2005

Andy Lau always had a tie with movies as the screen test ceremony for his new movie - All About Love, literally translated as Say Love Me Again which was being prepared for 9 months were held yesterday. Andy will be investing HK$20 million into this love story, this figure does not include the actors' fees. He expressed that he liked the story very much but nobody wanted to invest in the movie thus he had to invest himself for his dream.

Andy expressed that the movie's script is a novel script that was hardly seen in the past 10 years as he hope that different genres of movies will have a certain box office results in Hong Kong, although it may be an artistic movie but he hope the ending could be bright.

In the movie, Andy will take up 2 characters, as the husband of Charlene Choi (doctor Ko) and Charlie Yeung (Derek), one of them being a doctor whom fail to save his wife Charlene from death, thus Charlene will die when she appeared at the beginning of the movie, she will re-appear when narrating her life with Andy. When Charlene dies, her heart was donated to Charlie, however after her transplant operation, she always suspicious of her husband Derek, after having some time with doctor Ko, she then understands what is love.

When asked of the age gap with Charlene (22 years old), Andy (43 years old) exclaimed that age is not a problem as their outlook is more important. He says: "Outlook wise, I think we look compatible, Charlene's character is around 23-24 years old young wife, she's close to that afe. Whereas my character is a difference of 10 years which is quite a big challenge for my acting." When told that his age is more suitable to be Charlene's father, he quipped: "You said too much!" Andy added: "I've many intimate scenes with the female leads, but only on thought and not actual initmacy."

He exclaimed that when he was thinking about the movie, he already planned to approach Charlene and Charlie to be in the cast but he was afraid that they are unwilling to take up such love story movie but they agreed immediately, this movie had been planning for 9 months. He exclaimed that it'll be a challenge taking up the role and his casting with Charlene and Charlie would be very refreshing as he had collaborate with Charlie in 'Qing Shi Nan Mo Ben' music video more than 10 years ago as he feel that she was rather queit last time as they hardly talked, but seeing her now feel that she's more open, maybe she had some experience that changed her.

With regards to his name being mentioned in her friends to thanks by Sammi Cheng in the internet, he quipped that she need not thank him as most important is that she's fine. When talked about his disciple Cheung Wing Hong and Leon Lai's disciple Charles Ying meet in the same place, he says: "Those years when I and Leon survive in showbiz together, they could also."

When asked if he'll be cast in 'Zhao Zhi Long Chuan', he expressed that he had yet seen the script, thus he's not sure of the starting date of shooting.

Charlene whom will be Andy's wife, she exclaimed that she's delighted as she always love to watch Andy's movie especially A Moment in Time as she envy Wu Chien Lien, however she quipped that her collaboration with Andy and be his wife will be rather rush as they should have been neighbours and be friends first. When asked does she look like Andy's wife, she says: "You just wait and see, give me confidence!"

She said that she will die at the beginning of the movie but Andy still loves her and couldn't forget her, the story is very touching but it was still unknown if there are any intimate scenes. She knew that Andy is a very puntucal actor thus she will be early at the set to prevent him to wait for her. Meanwhile, she had collaborate with Charlie in New Police Story before but they didn't get to have any scenes together.

Charlie claimed that Charlene is a new generation actress with potential, although she didn't officially collaborate with Andy but she knows that he's very hardworking. She will be a sickly patient, but afraid of big changes in her emotion, she tried before when she was filming The Lovers, she believe that the company will assist her.

Charlie sing praise of Andy, she says: "Andy is a very good actor, he did what he said." She also respect Andy.

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