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| Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hong Kong Disneyland will be opening on 12 September and major record companies were battling each other for their artistes to perform in the 911 gala show. It was heard that other than Disneyland ambassador Jacky Cheung as the finale performer, other singers that will be performing includes Kelly Chen, Eason Chan, Twins, Joey Wong, Nicholas Tse, Wang Lihong, Jolin Tsai and others, even heavenly king Andy Lau and international star Coco Lee had expressed their interest in the event, so does Hacken Lee and Leo Ku also express their interest.

For the opening ceremony of Hong Kong's Disneyland, they also care less of the sensitive date of 911 to hold their gala show. It's heard that the organiser has been strict in picking their performers as they require top and healthy image artistes, those singers whom performed will have the chance to record a Disney compilation album. According to sources from a record company staff, almost all high officers of record companies take initiative to approach Disneyland for their artistes to perform for free, however Disney stress that they rather opt for quality than quantity as they reject several record companies' offer, meanwhile some record companies does not give up and hope to move them with their sincerity.

According to inside news, it's alleged that Andy Lau is a favorite choice to perform but considering Andy and Jacky are both tipped as megastar for the big occassion of their own, as they already have Jacky as their ambassador, of course they will do their best to support their "friend", thus whether Andy could have some affinity with Disney, the organiser are still discussing.

news from: Oriental Daily News