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| Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Although many other stars were present at the opening ceremony of Oriental International Showbiz Education Centre but Andy Lau seems to have the highest limelight among the 4 Tigers present as most of the questions were directed at him as the other 3 Tigers and artistes were neglected. The exciting question and answer from Andy always win applause from the audience.

He also show off his calligraphy skills on the spot which is an eye-opening experience for all. It was heard that calligraphy that was hanging in the school was also written by Andy.

A funny question was asked at Andy, "Stephen Chow was initially address as Xing Zai but later being upgraded to Xing Ye, so when will you be upgraded to Wah Ye from Wah Zai?" Andy quipped: "If everyone thinks that I've reached that level, then address me as Wah Ye but I think all of you should hide this idea within your hearts as addressing me as Wah Zai would be fine, don't expose my identity."

Eric Tsang then added: "Stephen Chow being addressed as Xing Zai was because he's cuter those days but now when he had gre older and become more naggy, thus he was addressed as Xing Ye mah!"

news from: Sina.com