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| Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Andy Lau's latest Mandarin album - Say I Love You Again will be released throughout Asia on 4 August, all the songs will be love songs as he hope to moved everyone with the touching love stories.

Earlier Andy was shooting in the studio for the album's pictures, the photographer thinks that red ropes is the signal of love thus he prepare huge and small red ropes as props. Initially the photographer wanted Andy to tie his hands with the small red rope before using the huge red nylon rope to tie the whole Andy up. He thinks that it'll be very difficult to tie down such a abnormal man like Andy thus nylon rope had to be used.

So how difficult would it be to tie down Andy Lau? Andy gave it a thought before saying: "To tie me down is indeed a difficult task, I was once tie down by a woman, and she's the only woman whom can tie me down." Who is this woman, Andy quipped: "Who you think this person is? This woman is my beloved mother! Haha. As I was mischievious when I'm young, she tie me up as punishment. Other than her, currently there's nobody whom can tie me."

When asked when will he be willing to be tie down by love? Andy exclaimed that he doesn't plan it currently but he do wish to be tie down by someone one day, then he will consider telling everybody. When talked about love, he says: "Loving someone is a very heavy responsibility, the red rope of love to one means that willing to be tie down is a happy matter, if not willing to be tie down, it will be a burden or causing hurt, thus I advice all my friends, don't joke with love, being faithful is the best protection for love."

As the title of the Mandarin album is the same as his latest movie, one of the songs will be the movie's theme song. In the music video, snippnets of the movies can be seen, those whom had watched it before find it very touching, thus anticipate the movie to be screened.

news from: Ta Kung Pao, Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, SingTao News