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| Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mandarin album - A Better Day which was released in 2002 was well received by fans and the media, after that Andy Lau had a flying colour result slip in movies with Infernal Affairs, Running On Karma, Jiang Hu, House of Flying Daggers, A World Without Thieves which did well at the box office and won him Best Actor in Hong Kong Films Critics Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards (both for Running On Karma) and Best Actor in 41st Golden Horse Film Awards for Infernal Affairs III.

In between, Andy also released 3 albums which includes Proud of You concert, Cantonese album - Coffee or Tea and Vision Tour 2004. It's almost 3 years since Andy release a Mandarin album thus many fans and media were waiting for Andy to strike again, finally after waiting for 3 years, we will get to listen to Andy's new Mandarin album in summer 2005.

Being in showbiz for more than 20 years, Andy's hardworking and learning abilities cannot be denied nor disappoint, thus his Mandarin release will be a grand affair for Chinese music, he and producer Li Anxiu spend 2 years and 7 months to gather their ideas and creativity, every songs they bought and recorded, time and time of some hinderance stopping them, they maintain their searching and hardwork, finally complete this love songs Mandarin album.

Say I Love You Again (All About Love) is different from other albums as it's solely based on love stories, using 10 songs to narrates different character feelings and views on love, in different incident and atmosphere, using the tune and feeling of the songs bringing one directly into the deep corner of love.