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| Thursday, July 14, 2005

[ Small note: Just another bad report on Andy by the magazine! ]

Andy Lau self invested HK$20000,000 to shoot the movie - All About Love, other than romancing with Charlie Yeung, he also get to romancing with Charlene Choi whom is 21 years junior in hot temperature which makes one wanted to vomit in the heat, to accomodate the script, Andy also wore a black leather coat for his role under the hot sun. The pairing with a younger Charlene become the selling point of the movie.

However, other than Charlene, Andy get to romance with another "female lead" Ambra Xu whom is more younger than Charlene as she's just 20-years-old, 23 years junior of Andy! Ambra is 20 years old (born on 26 March 1985) with a height of 179 cm and weighting 108 pounds, her figure is 33".24".35".

Actually Ambra is experienced as she once pair up with 39-years-old Leon Lai in his commercial and music video. After collaborating with Leon, she refuse to collaborate with him in a new movie and turn to Andy as he's her idol.

In Leon's Hutchison commercial last year, he hand picked well-known 20-years-old model Ambra Xu from Shanghai. In the commercial, Ambra and Leon had a quarrel at the airport and had a chase where Leon fall on the road, Ambra then hold him up and kissed for 10 times! They then hugged each other like a panda bear which sent audience puzzled!

It is known that Andy didn't chose Ambra after watching her commercial with Leon but rather All About Love is a collaboration of Hong Kong and Mainland China, thus Chinese actors need to be used and Ambra was picked by the movie company for her popularity in China, in addition, her acting was well received in a Mainland China drama in 2002, even director Stanley Tong sing praise of her. Ambra also told her manager and the Chinese media that she hope to collaborate with Andy thus when told that Andy wanted to collaborate with her, she request time off to join the cast.

In addition, Leon whom going to start shooting his new movie - Qing Yi Liang Xin Zhi wanted to approach Ambra for collaboration as she's suitable for the role and a talent but andy being her number one idol and schedule crashed, she rather collaborate with Andy.

In the movie, Andy played 2 characters being a medical officer and hair stylist, with Charlie and Charlene as his wives, he also had an affair. Andy then boast that he's lucky to shoot a scene with 20 sexy models wearing only bra top hugging him! It is known that one model pushed herself toward Andy and thus become the target of his affair, the model is no other than Ambra.

Last Tuesday (5 July), Ambra and Andy shoot a scene together, from what seen on the set, Ambra sweet talked a delighted Andy as she tried her best to communicate in Cantonese with him. The scene is shot without any NG and even Andy sing praise of her: "She did not bad!"

Upon hearing, Ambra was all smiles! You should not look down on Andy as he still can handle young 20-years-old girls , he sure like brother-sister relationship!

Meanwhile, another female lead Charlie was not as lucky as Ambra as she only gets to shoot a romantic scene in the rain with Andy! Under the hot sun of more than 30 degrees celius, she need to get wet while wearing swimming suit within her clothes!

news from: East Week Magazine