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| Friday, July 15, 2005

It had been 3 years since Andy Lau release a new Mandarin album, it will be released on 4 August throughout Asia. Earlier he was shooting the music video for his new song - Say I Love You Once Again (literally translated) in a cemetery at Happy Valley.

In order for a sad feeling setting, the director arranged a water vehicle for man-made rain, however on the day of shooting, they encounter heavy rain, even the weather station send out a monsoon signal but due to his work schedule, the date could not change as shooting need to be carried out.

Upon reaching the cemetery, the rain started to stopped after waiting for 1 hour and shooting started immediately. However after 20 minutes, it started to rain once again, with lightings and thunder.

Although the heavy rain, Andy care little of the heavy rain and get himself drenched as he sit on a drain which water splashing out, he also told the 40-strong crew members not to worry. Unexpectedly, the soil from the hills was also washed down by the rain thus Andy and the crew members experience a mini flood at the cemetery, it was so frightening that some of the cameras which worth millions almost got washed away by the rain.

When the flood gets higher, all decided to leave the shooting location, when Andy tries to help but was stopped by them. Thus he had to use 2 benches as bridge to walk out. When the water reaches his knee level, he had to stand on a chair to wait for the crew member.

A drenched Andy filmed for many hours, when the director shouted 'Cut!', he immediately rushed to the nearby hotel for a shower. Andy says: "Initially thought of shoot something nice thus I sit down without thinking, but I started to worry as I feel uneasy as I'm unsure what was rushing through in the middle, I'm covered with mud, with the shooting location at the cemetery.... I can't bath there."

After 4 hours of rain, mosquitoes were everywhere at the cemetery, Andy and the crew members suffered bites from the mosquitoes as his right eye was bitten resulting in a red patch, he joked to the director: "It's horrible, you can only shoot the left side of my face."

Andy added: "This is the tougest that I experienced for shooting a music video, it's already so tough just experiencing the flood, can't imagine what the victims of the tsunami experienced, however the sight of the rain and a mini-waterfall can't be create even you have the money."

Andy then quipped: "Saying 'I Love You' is difficult enough, saying 'I Love You' once again is more difficult, thus the shooting of the music video is also so tough! Anyway water symbolise luck, the new album will sell!"

The crew members had filmed down the flood and Andy was considering if he should include it as a production special in his album.

news from: SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, Sina.com, MingPao