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| Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Earlier there was news that Andy Lau's face was almost disfigure when shooting Wait Till You're Older as it was confirmed by the movie company yesterday. From a woman disguise in Running Out of Time to a fatso in Love On A Diet until the muscleman in Running On Karma.

Throughout these years, Andy kept torturing his own image until this year's Wait Till You're Older as he went through the danger of being disfigure by allowing chemical gel poured on his face for 8 different images. The after effects of the makeup result his skin to be thin and red spots near his mouth which will cause pain when he shaved, he also need avoid eating seafood. The doctor expressed that his skin sensitive will carry on and the only way is preventing it from getting worst.

As Andy had many promotions earlier, if he didn't put on any makeup, the side of his mouth would be red thus he had to use some powder to cover it which will in terms create more damage to the skin. His mother was touched after watching the movie and was worried of her son's skin, "Although he didn't told us about this, but at his age he still torture his own face by pouring chemical gel on his face, this is not good for his health."

Andy promise her mother's request and asked his assistant to check on the condition of an insurance on his face, he says: "I also wanted to give my mother some consolidation, I think my face was insured for $5000,000."

Before the interview started, reporter was reminded not to mention Wait Till You're Older and questions asked would not be answered, although it was also Andy's movie but with All About Love a production of his own company, being a boss, he could only shake his head.

All About Love is an artistic movie, the story is from his album of the same name as he played 2 different characters, to prevent piracy, the movie will premiere worldwide at the same date, that is, 25 October.

When talked about the screening date, Andy sighs: "We're just a small company, in Novemeber, movies for Chirstmas and Easter Day had been arranged, no slot for artistic movie thus we can only be arranged to be screened in October." Didn't Andy went to discuss personally, he express: "They knew that it's my company by just hearing the name, my colleague had try their best discussing, why I want to go and hit the wall? Further said, there are only 24 hours per day, I've no time for such matter."

Andy sighs: "Because artistic movies don't earned money, thus there are lesser artistic movie in Hong Kong." To produce an artistic movie, some risk must be taken, with regards to the box office collection of All About Love, Andy doesn't have a high expectation: "Normally artistic movie can collect $6 million while normal movie can collect $10 million, producing an artistic company logically is losing money. The content of this movie attracts people, I forecast it can collect $8 million, anyway I'm not pressurise, it's okay it don't do well."

Although the case, Andy didn't lower his asking fee, "Thus the earning at the end would be more accurate, if not it'll be too fake." However in order to save money, he's also calculative: "Normally people use $200 to shoot the scene, I request everyone to settle it with $200. I did a market research before, if you invest $200 you could earn $300, if I don't think like that, many people will worry that I lose money, they're more worried than me."

In the movie, Andy played 2 person of different characters but in real life, Andy had a bad temper as when he goes out from home, he'll remind his sick father to eat his medicine and not eat things that he's not supposed to eat but his father didn't take his advice which angers him.

Andy says: "Of course I can't vent my anger at reporters, if I encounter questions that I don't wishes to answer, I won't hate him, I understand that it was the requirement of your job. Furthermore, those whom are closer to me at work would get hurt but they understand why I'm angry." In the company, Andy was nicknamed as "demon" because of his temper and picky character, "During post editing, I'll call them 3-5 minutes later and request for a sample, they find me troublesome."

news from: Sina.com