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| Saturday, August 27, 2005

No doubt that Andy Lau is a singer of heavenly king status as he performed a magic trip on 26 August's press conference to bring his distance closer to the reporters among the cheers.

As 27 September is Andy's birthday, a reporter from Changsha asked him how he would spend his birthday, Andy reveals: "During that period, I would be busy with my concert tour, on 27 September, I'll be spending it with everybody."

It's a rare chance to be face-to-face with Andy, after answering several simple questions, a Shenyang reporter asked a tough question , he asked: "You encountered some unhappy incident during your 2000 concert in Shenyang, why you chose Shengyang again?" Andy indicate to the compere not to change topic and reask the reporter: "Unhappy? Why unhappy? I forget about it." A slightly unhappy Andy says: "If fans like to hear me sing, I'll go there!" In the meantime, he told the reporter. "In Hong Kong, I always held a 3-hours long concert and maintain my standards, thus everybody not worry as I'll maintain my best conditions and gave a 100% performance."

Then, a Xi-an reporter asked about the allegation that a "secret girlfriend" of Andy will be presented at the concert and it will be "Andy Lau's last concert tour", as the 2 sensitive phrase was thrown at Andy. With his experience of previous questions, Andy answers: "I'm not sure how these questions came about, I'll perform at different places, if people were willing to see, I'll perform."

When asked if it would be any difference from his last year's August concert in Hong Kong, he says: "Most of the programmes would be the same, if you want to see any different segment, I think it should be during the communicating with the fans. It will depend on the audience response, if they like it, I could perform more. If you want to listen to whether songs, just request and I'll perform. If the audience don't like and didn't communicate with me, it's meaningless for me to stand on stage, it would be better that I kneel down. I hope to have a direct communication with the audience."

Soon, there would be 2 movies to be screened in the cinemas and a situation of Andy verus Andy appearing, Andy explains: "I could only give way as I would not wish the 2 movies to be screened at October but it seems that the boss had made the arrangement, thus it had to be screened, if not it'll be delayed to a much further date. If proper arrangement by the cinema with one screened on 1 October and the other start screening on 25 October, it would be better. As it's being some time that my own company had produced a movie, I don't wish to lose money."

A reporter brought a 55 cm long banner with 999 different signature of Xi-an fans for him as they hope Andy would sign his name on the banner. A touched Andy opened the banner and agree that he'll bring it back to his hotel room and sign his name on it before entrusting the organiser to return the banner to the fans.

news from: lzcb.dzwww.com, xawb.com