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| Sunday, August 28, 2005

Andy Lau's Mainland China concert tour kicks off last night at Xi-an as it was a full capacity crowd of 40,000, some even camp outside the venue to listen to the songs for free. Before the concert ended, more than 10,000 gathered outside the venue and Andy had to mislead the crowd by leaving the venue in a police car to get back to the hotel while Andy's private car which all his crew members sat in was surrounded by the fans as they thought Andy was in there.

For this tour, Andy will have 9 stations which includes Xi-an, Wuxi, Zheng Zhou, Wuhu, Shengyang, Guiyang, Zuo-si, Changsha and Hailing, it will end at the end of September. For this year coming to China again, Andy quipped that he had to come as the response for last year's concert was too good as he doesn't have the time to go to other areas last year thus several organisers approached him, hoping that he could perform in their area, thus he came this year which will satisfy the other fans.

After a year, Andy return to the stage which was more grand that last year as more efforts was used on the stage's lightings and decoration, the red gaint door was re-made and 2 gaint Roman sculptures. Andy appeared onstage riding on a horse with red laterns hanging, a gaint 'shuai' (handsome) banner, the fans cheered him on.

For this concert tour, Andy cut his hair short again and started rehearsing one month ago. It was the second time that Andy came to Xi-an to perform and he exclaim that he had a good impression of Xi-an as the fans were enthusiastic. He also held an activity at the Bing Ma Yong and visit them once but due to work committments, he could not look at them closely. One of his crew member visited the Bing Ma Yong in the morning and took some photographs for Andy to see, among the photographs, one general looked like Andy which surprise him. The crew member then told him that it was a doctored photograph as the Bing Ma Yong Museum had a service which will use the computer to doctored tourist's photograph onto the photograph of a Bing Ma Yong to kept as remembrance, on seeing that Andy couldn't visit the museum himself, thus he use Andy's photograph to be doctored with the Bing Ma Yong for Andy to keep as remembrance.

With regards to a Hong Kong male fan (Xian Zai) whom was hospitalise wished that Andy could visit him, Andy said that he was currently on his China tour and do read in newspapers and news website that many Hongkongers were concern of the boy, "there is love among Hongkongers", he hope that the boy would recover soon and listen to the boy's instruction and treatment, if he completes his concert, he'll visit him. Andy says: "I wish that when I visit him when I'm back in Hong Kong, he would be already recovered." Andy also said that he was not sure of the family background of the boy, with everybody concern of the boy, he hope that all could also show concern to his grandmother as she was also given a scare, with her age, it's quite tough to take care of the boy. With regards to donations to the boy, Andy think that it must be handled carefully and one should not fall prey to crimmals whom seize the chance to make money.

news from: Sina.com