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| Monday, August 29, 2005

Recently, Andy kept jetting to Taiwan for his promotion of his latest Mandarin album, with his tight schedule, he could only eat to de-stress. On seeing a table full of his favourite food, Andy appeared spirited again as being in Taiwan for so many years, he had ate many local food as he quipped that he had eat like a Taiwanese.

What Andy ate is very "normal". He love the small dishes of Fu Xing Road's porridge especially its porridge with beancurd. Seizing some free time from his promotion, he ate the dishes again, he claims: "Small dishes of Taiwanese porridge tasted the best!"

Andy loves the rice cake, soy bean drink. "When I was on the plane to Taiwan, I kept thinking of the rice cake and soy bean drink." The crew member had prepared the items for him in his nanny car as he could taste them when he went onto the car. He could eat them everyday and would not get sick of them, especially its you tiao, spicy steamboat is not to be missed and he had a special way of eating rice cake as he would eat the suff the yu tiao into the rice cake and eat them together.

There was once he's shooting a commercial, the crew member bought for him Japanese eel mealbox, on seeing the sauce, he quickly minced the you tiao and dipped into the sauce before stuff it into the rice, everybody follow him and indeed it create a different taste.

Andy loved to eat roasted duck tongue and duck wings as he would always order from a famous shop in Tainan. He also discover a nice shop which sell duck tongue in Nanjing East Road, the shop also sells bambusa which he ate several plates.

Andy always carves for Taiwan's guava, honey tomatoes, peaches but he don't like squid beehoon and sweet sour soup as he says: "I don't like the sticky feeling."

After his promotion in Taiwan, Andy will start his concert tour in Mainland China, there's allegation that his alleged Zhu Liqian accompanied him on his trips and this will be his last concert tour. Andy whom always doesn't answer allegations, but with regards to his last concert tour, he clarify: "I'll continue to sing until I cannot sing, I'll have concert again next year!"

news from: udn news