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| Tuesday, August 30, 2005

For All About Love, Andy Lau came to Shanghai for the second time in the space of 10 days. However, what's difference is that the previous was for his album, whereas this time round was for the movie of the same name. Being actor, investor and producer, although Andy was rather "used" to the love story of All About Love but he says confidently: "This is rather an artistic movie, want to compare with Wong Kar Wai! Although the review might lose out to him, but I think I can still get good box office collection."

Having invested HK$10 million in the artistic movie, Andy doesn't feel pressurise of the box office, "To be able to collect HK$6 million in box office is a common figure in Hong Kong, if it can collect HK$8 million, I think I've won." With regards to the review of the movie, Andy doesn't feel pressurise at all, "I think there is no problem with the movie, I've confidence in my own movie."

Confidence is what the producer in Andy as he maintain his high standards from start till the post editing of the movie. "When shooting started, I've already decided everything with the crew member. I request to be actor Andy Lau during shooting. After the movie finished shooting, I'll gave them a phone call after 3 minutes to ask them if the take was good. Could they mail it to me to take a look?" He knew that his actions is very troublesome to the crew members but he also doesn't like the title of "boss", he says: "When I was addressed boss by them, suddenly I felt so pressurise!"

Director Derek Yee once exclaim that Andy was "too stupid" as since he know that he'll lose money but he still invest in movies. It seems that Andy had slimmed down as compared to when he collected the Golden Horse Films Awards, he seems to lack concentration as questions had to repeated several times before he understand them. But when heard of the word "retire", Andy suddenly become very sensitive, he says: "Nope, I still have many project plans, take for example, I wish to have a good script to collaborate with Maggie Cheung again, as she managed to moved me some 10 years ago, I wanted to find out if I can still be moved by her? " Although he didn't state properly, Andy indicate that in the Hong Kong original version of As Tears Goes By, his character didn't die, thus the thought of a sequel was in his mind for a long time.

news from: dfdaily.com