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| Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hong Kong movie- All About Love would soon to be screened, male and female lead - Andy Lau and Charlene Choi and director Derek Yu were in Malaysia to "spread the seed of love" as they urge all lovers to cherish their other half.

When it was time for Andy to give a speech, he suddenly exclaim that he hope to continue to produce good movies to defeat Hollywood, when the director reminded him that a respresentative of the hotel was a foreigner, he quipped: "He won't understand what am I saying!"

The leads attracted hundreds of reporters to report on the press conference, cameras' flashes kept flashing. Andy, Charlene and Derek seize every chance to introduce the movie. Andy exclaim that the market is not big, being the boss, he revealed that he would "sweat" over the box office collection.

When they was spreading the message of love, Andy and Derek hope that every man could realise after watching the movie, Andy says: "I wish that all men don't made the same mistake, as you don't cherish your own girlfriends, never put them in your time-table, causing the relationship to become a disappointing one."

Andy then quipped that he feel pressuise collaborating with Charlene, he says: "When I was told to shoot a scene with Charlene on the next day of shooting, I would did facial mask the previous night in order to close the age gap between us."

When the compere asked Charlene if it was a torture to be husband and wife with Andy, Andy immediately stand up and quipped: "How torture would it be?" The compere then followed asked if Andy and Charlene looked like father and daughter, Andy then clutch his fist that he wanted to punch him, while Charlene was giggling away. Andy then quipped: "The director is great, shot be to look young and Charlene to look old, thus we would look compatible!"

Andy expressed that he played 2 characters in the movie, the main motive is a combination of prefect and reality. "Doctor Kao and Derek are both Andy Lau, thus it wasn't too difficult. All along I was the prefect boyfriend or lover in movies, this time is different as one is prefect (Dr. Kao) and one close to reality (Derek), whereas my character is close to the reality one, always lose my temper, during shooting, I was wonder if it was too realistic that I was acting myself."

In the meantime, Andy praise Charlene's acting was very comfortable and natural, he says: "Selecting her to be my wife in the movie, is because that when I saw her on screen, takes my hats off to her for always entertaining the audience and in private she seldom talks, that is similiar to the character of the movie."

With regards to the earlier call from Jackie Chan for unity, and his suggestion of gathering 5 best actors to save the movie industry and was rebluffed by Johnnie To thus showing off the industry was indeed not in unity, in addition to some fireworks.

When asked of Johnnie's comment about him, Andy exclaim that he was not too sure what he was trying to say and suggest the reporter to interview Johnnie and asked him to say it clearer. Andy then express that he hope the Hong Kong industry can be more united and no other thoughts. Andy then exclaimed that he would not like to talk about this topic as it would cause more allegations.

It was a gathering of fans in the fans meeting session at Berjaya Times Square at night as fans of Andy and Charlene each own a piece of the sky as theu brought along boards and cheers to support their idol. Actually Andy had a much larger fans present.

Other than promoting for the movie, they were also love ambassador for Youth Concern Plans as they were asked to present a love speech each to asked the youth to do more good deeds and pass love around.

news from: China Press