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| Saturday, October 15, 2005

Andy Lau and Charlene Choi was in Malaysia earlier to promote their movie All About Love, when asked about being arranged to mask their eyes and played a game of searching your partner with the fans as they defeated the rest to become champion, Charlene says: "How could you be so slow to look for your husband? My husband is Andy Lau, why wouldn't I recognise him? I hold his hands all the times during filming, I could recognise him with one touch!"

Being their first collaboration, both exclaimed that this is their biggest challenge. It is because Andy is Charlene's idol thus she exclaimed that she's nervous when filming with Andy, furthermore Andy was never late which makes Charlene to have sleepless nights. No matter how puntucal Charlene is, she would not be earlier than Andy as he always arrived early, sometimes arrive a few hours in advance to watch Charlene working. With regards being referred as the most eye-catching character of the movie, Charlene whom had yet watch the movie says: "Impossible! Maybe I'm only the character that brought happiness to the audience as both Andy and Charlie Yeung's character are pathetic, my mission is to entertain the audience to allow the movie not to be sad from beginning to end."

Andy then quipped that in order for him to look more compatible with Charlene, he forced the director to shoot Charlene to make her looked older while he looked younger. Andy revealed that he would sleep earlier the day before shooting with Charlene to prevent himself from looking too bad, he added: "Charlene is not having sleepless night, instead she's doing harm to herself in order to look compatible with me."

news from: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News