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| Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Andy Lau, Hui Shiu Hung, Sasha Hou, Charlie Yeung and Charlene Choi attended the premiere of All About Love 2 nights ago and Andy become a love saint as he gave kilocalorie crystal rings to his wives in the movie, he also distributed red roses to guests and the audiences.

Other than the cast, Hacken Lee, Gigi Leung, Felix Wong, Lam Ka Tung, Chapman To with wife, Sheila Shin, Yumiko Cheng, Richie Ren and Sandra Ng were also present to show their support.

Andy arranged to renacted the scenes from the movie in a comical way, First, Andy become a hair stylist as he remind his wife- Charlie to eat medicine before setting off from home and Charlie wanted Andy to cut her hair first but Charlie used the ends of her hair to disturb Andy, Andy immediately kiss her face, resulting an uproar from the fans.

Andy then appear in a doctor robe as he checked the heartbeat of Charlene using a stethoscope causing Charlene to forget her lines. Other than close contact with the female leads, Andy also bought, from his own pocket, a gaint crystal ring each for them which delights them.

However once received a gift need to return as Andy hope the box office takings for this movie could reached HK$3 million, therefore Charlie and Charalene had to contribute HK$1 million while he, himself would contribute HK$2 million. Charlene immediately exclaimed: "So heavy!" Andy then quipped: "Just saying about it, I think the box office takings should have HK$1 million, I'm delighted to see so many people came to support it."

There was a small incident at the premiere when Anita Mui's elder brother came to create trouble as he used a loudspeaker to greet Andy as he shouted: "Andy Lau, can you hear me?", but he was immediately being chased away to the opposite streets but still didn't give as he continue to shout for Andy. Anita Mui's edler brother said: "I just happened to passed by so send my regards to Andy and asked him if he remember a friend like Anita."

When asked if he heard Anita's elder brother calling for him, he says: "I'm not sure as I could not hear what he said! I feel that this world is lacked of love, as a friend, I won't and nobody would forget about Anita, will remember her forever, but regarding to her relationship with her family members, that's their own world, I can't comment on that. Anita would be happy in another world."

Throughout the month of October, Andy's movies were screened in the cinemas which this month being tagged as "Andy Lau month" as Andy quipped: "Those years when I filmed so many movies also don't have such situation." When asked if he really hope that All About Love could collect HK$3 million in the box office, he expressed: "This is an artistic movie, it would be out of this world if it could collect $3 million, adding on screening slot is not as good as Wait 'Til You're Older, to be able to collect $8000,000 to $1 million would be my target, if it could collect more, why not!"

In addition, Charlene exclaimed that she had several intimate scenes with Andy in the movie as she quipped that she would be beaten up by Andy's fans but she says: "Actually the kissing scenes were healthy and not erotic, hope the fans won't beat me up."

With regards to the movie, maybe it was too touching, both female leads became crying babies after watching it as Andy kept passing tissue paper to them. Charlene said with tears in her eyes: "Charlie's character is so pity..... it's not nice for people to see me crying, I'll go out after I finished crying."

Whereas, Andy whom had registered 4 movies for the Golden Horse Film Awards but he was not nominated for the Best Actor award, he quipped: "I'm not disappointed, I can't get nominated every year, I respect the decision of the judge panel, I'll continue to work hard, A World Without Thieves got nominated for Best Movie, I'll call Feng Xiogang to send in my congratulations."

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