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| Thursday, October 20, 2005

Andy Lau was interviewed by Cha Xiaoxin yesterday, although the Best Actor award winner last night and despite registering 4 movies for the award this year, he was not even nominated, when asked by Cha, he immediately says: "Today you don't seems to celebrate wor!"

Andy exclaimed that he was told of the nomination list the previous day's afternoon and knew that he was not nominated, he also checked if Charlie Yeung, Karen Mok or Charlene Choi were nominated, he says: "I knew that this year's award would be completely in gold colour as it was rather green bronze in past years, I was asked if I would dye it gold for my award last year, I told them that it's not needed as I would win the award this year instead, however I don't have the chance!"

In addition, Andy being the protect eyesight artiste, also attended the Whole City Eye Protection 108 activity yesterday. Other than singing the activity's theme song, he was also the prize presenter and share tips of protecting one's eyesight.

Although Andy has no myopia but he's suffering from astigmatic but he went for a lasik operation to recify the problem some years ago and his eye sight was back to normal.

Andy expressed that he had 2 bad habits that is reading while on car trips and switch off the lights when using computer, in order to protect his eye sight, he had change his habit of switching off the lights when using the computer, in addition, he also decided to set the light of his car brighter to lessen the ill effect to his eye sight. Andy believed that many people ignore eye sight protection as he urge all that if one wants a healthy eye sight, one should change those bad habits that could affect eye sight.

During the group phototaking, the compere requested the children to stand in the front row, Andy then moved to the front row to "stand" with the children, he also tried to disturb the plumb boy standing beside him.

Andy will jet off for a month long shooting of Mozi in Beijing today, although the weather had turned cold, he's not worried that it would be tough as he would always on location shooting in Beijing every year thus he's used to the weather there. As he would be shooting the water cell scene and he brought along diving suit to prevent himself from catching cold. When asked if he would used PVC wrapper as double protection, Andy quipped that he was very fresh and need no PVC wrapper as he believed that the diving suit would be enough.

As his Wait 'Til You're Older had done very well in the box office, when asked if he had confidence in All About Love which will be opening soon in the cinema, he added that the the promotion duties for All About Love would depend on Charlie and Charlene as the audience would like to watch their performance, he says: "I hope they could make the box office takings increase, if it can collect HK$3 million then I won't pray them as god and many thanks to them."

As his movie would be screened at the same time with Johnnie To's Election, when asked if he had confidence competiting with the movie. Andy said frankly that Election would fare better as it would include anxious moments as boyfriends would bring their girlfriends to watch Election and might not to watch All About Love. Andy quipped that many male would feel bad after watching All About Love. When asked why he admit defeat so soon, Andy explained that he didn't admit defeat but sing praise that his new movie is touching but there's still market for traid movies.

Andy revealed that if All About Love is able to collect HK$8000,000, he would recoup some and could continue producing movies.

With regards to news reports that he exposed himself that he was married, he exclaim that he was really careless as he thought that he was asked about the story of All About Love thus it was just a misunderstanding.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po