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| Thursday, October 20, 2005

Golden Horse Film Award's Best Actor favourite Andy Lau registered 4 movies for the award but none of them got him nominated, when asked of his feelings, Andy admitted that he's disappointed whereas his fans were unsatisfied with the nomination list.

Andy says: "Of course I'm disappointed! But no choice, maybe the requirement of the judging panel is different this year." The reporter said: "What about next year!" Andy replies: "Correct! This doesn't really matter, really, I'll still could be in many different genres of movies!"

Andy already view awards in a normal way as his love for movies had not reduced but his fans complaint that he didn't get nominated.

A fan says: "What's the reason that 4 registered movies, we Hongkongers think that the movies were very good, but it lose out in Golden Horse Film Award."

Although Andy was not nominated, he would still find time to attend the award ceremony in November as he would be busy shooting in Mainland China to express his support for Chinese movies.

news from: TVBS E-news