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| Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Johnnie To can be considered one of those whom is straight forward in his speech in showbiz. He was promoting his new movie and was asked about the recent megastars claims of saving the movie industry, regarding Jackie Chan claiming that there were many lousy Hong Kong produced movies and Andy Lau willing to go bankrupt and finance a movie with himself, Jackie, Tony Leung, Stephen Chow and Chow Yun Fat in the cast.

Johnnie had his own understanding, he express: "As I love movies, thus I hope that I should say something, but it's only my own feelings, no means of hurting anyone but I feel that Andy is trying to cheat the audience, when he make that remark, he never think properly before saying it out, never thought it properly, it's out of this world!"

Johnnie then expose Andy that he lost money when he invest in movies, he continues: "When you hire someone, that person also need to agree to be cast in your movie. Why not invite Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and the 5 actors to cast in the movie? How to film, how long to prepare? How about filmed 5 different versions and than edited to one version? What about the audience? A HK$50 ticket to watch 5 Best Actors, how could we lower the price if they're watching one? He's not sure on how the background works. (Andy is the boss of a movie company!) Every movie of his company lost money!"

With regards to Jackie's remark that the movie industry lack togetherness, Johnnie rebulked: "Who said we lack togetherness? We are so much together, when one runs into trouble, everyone is there to help, so it would be showing togetherness when 10 directors collaborate to produce a movie? Everyone had their own idea, how to do it? I always meet up for tea with Tsui Hark, it was since 2 years that I collaborated with Lau Ching Wan but we still meet for meals. In showbiz, everyone is busy with their own matters, how to get together so often?"

news from: Oriental Daily News