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| Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The 4 Heavenly Kings which includes Jackey Cheung, Andy Lau, Leon Lai and Aaron Kwok will gather once again in the first Hong Kong Music Fair (HKMF), together with Alan Tam to attend the opening ceremony concert as they collaborate to promote Hong Kong's music industry.

To celebrate Chinese Music 100th anniversary, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and International Federation of the Phomographic Industry Hong Kong Group (IFPI) will organise a 3-days starting on 21 - 23 March HKMF at Wanchai's Hong Kong Conevention and Exhibition Centre where more than 60 companies will participate, there would be also be discussion forum and seminars, concerts will be held at night for the citizens, all these were done in hope that the Hong Kong music industry will return from the dead.

Earlier, the organiser had gathered 60 Hong Kong singers to duet a song titled The Power of Music (literally translated) to promote the activity. In addition, after the HKMF, an IFPI music awards presentation ceremony will be held on 24 March to bring the activity to its greatest height. It was heard that the organiser had invited Alan Tam and 4 Heavenly Kings for the opening ceremony, free tickets can be collected from today through radio station and Home Affairs Bureau.

Outside the Hong Kong Conevention and Exhibition Centre, a "time tunnel" will be set up to display more than 100 precious items that show off the developments of Hong Kong and Mainland China music industry, the fair will be titled China Album 100th Year Exhibition, it will exhibit the old records manufactured in China and black vinyl records, in addition, historical items related to Mandarin and Cantonese pop songs, drama serial theme songs, Internet songs and mobile phone ringtones will be exhibited.

Currently, the items that confirmed to be exhibited include the late Wong Jim and Danny Chan's hand-written scripts, Wong Ka Kui's music instruments, Zhou Xuan, Leeh Siang Lan, Siu Fong Fong, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung and Roman Tam classic albums; Faye Wong, Eason Chan and Grasshopper concert costumes, Kam Pui Tat's Silver Bear award won at the Berlin International Film Festival.

In addition, the organiser are currently trying their best to search for items from the 20's - 40's, the process is rather tough and the insurance price would be hefty.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News