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| Friday, March 03, 2006

Earlier Andy Lau cameo a role for the movie - PG, although he had the luck to spend the whole night with 20 - 30 busty female belly dancers but these young and beautiful females with good figure does not won the attention of Andy thus he watched them dance with a stony expression the whole night, it was later found out that Andy prefer mature woman.

Readers revealed that Andy, Tin Yui Lee, Monie Tung and Xue Li were location shooting at Causeway Bay. Andy was seen wearing a middle east outfit and together with many cleavage bearing belly dancers, several crew members seems to work harder but it seems that Andy was not interested in these young belly dancers.

When reporter request Andy to take a photograph with the sexy female dancers, Andy appeared rather hold back as he kept a distance with them, but Andy did held the lady's hand. When asked if he feel that those sexy ladies are pretty, Andy quipped: "Of course, no matter how a woman look like, they would have some attraction. (Among all the pretty ladies, which one you like?) For the whole night I was looking at this lady in the middle dance, she dance very well as she is a dance instructor."

Andy then talks about woman, he feel that it is not important for a woman to be busty or slender waist, he express: "If that's the case, why those older woman, why did they cover their tummy throughout the day, because they feel that her waist is not nice, so it was covered by clothes."

It's known that the director initially discussed of using Jamie Chic Mei Chun to be one of the female dancer but Jamie suffered recurrence of her waist problem thus had to drop out of the role. Andy sighs: "I was once colleague with Jamie during TVB artiste training classes, then she had a nice waist, how I wish I can see her do a belly dance, with recurrence of her injury, I feel that it was a pity, maybe she would recover after doing a belly dance and also attract Marie France Bodyline to look for her, but that's not going to happen now."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News