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| Sunday, March 05, 2006

Short note: Added 3 photographs on 6 March, 2006, 09:00 (GMT+8.00)

For Focus First Cuts, it was solely supported by Andy Lau whom always supported movies. Andy gathered new and potential directors from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore to produce six films. He attended the promotional activity for I'll Call You yesterday at Olympian Plaza with Lam Ka Tung, Alex Fong, Viann Liang, Macy Chan and Lam Tse Chung.

My Shoe Fairy had a ideal box office collection in Taiwan which a delighted Andy exclaimed that he had earned back 30% with My Shoe Fairy. Andy says: "I told I'll just break even as this can be considered as an artistic movie, after it went to Venice International Film Festival, response in Japan and Korea is good, currently I've earned 30% more than the production fees."

With the success of My Shoe Fairy and All About Love doing well, it seems that Andy had broke the curse of losing money whenever he invested in movies.

Andy expressed that he had watched 3 of the 6 films, when asked about the standard of the films, he exclaimed that he was satisfied with them. With regards to his marks for the 6 films, Andy said: "I've gave them marks in my heart, I'm satisfied with all of them, I won't tell you the score as I hope to give the scoring to the audience, I'll take note of the audience's response!"

Although being the investor and producer of the movies, Andy only gave the films some opinions but he never edited any scenes as he hope to keep every film to its originality. When asked if he will still invest? Andy pointed out that there are still many different projects, he intended to find another 6 new directors to produce film within one year after 3-4 of the current 6 films were screened.

Andy also didn't miss out the chance to make fun of I'll Call You's producer Daniel Yu, "You're already more than 40 years old, never got to be nominated for Best New Director award, but I'm different as all along I'm experience director."

In addition, it was reported that Korean side wanted to put him in a Romance of Three Kingdom movie with Leon Lai and Summo Hung but Andy expressed that he had not heard of it and know nothing of this matter, furthermore he may not be able to accept any movie offers this year as he hope to put more time on his Cantonese album and promotion, if he was to accept movie offers, he would have to pick them carefully. He quipped: "I need to calrify that I had never accepted any movie related to Romance of the Three Kingdom, there was once an allegation that John Woo didn't approach me due to a crash in theme? I only accepted a movie about Zhao Zilong, but it won't be shot this year as the script is not ready yet."

Alex Fong whom was the lead of I'll Call You was delighted to be the lead of the movie, with his boss being Andy, he felt very honored. In one of the scene, Alex need to act opposite Andy which Andy will be the character in Running n Karma to console him. Alex exclaimed that he had huge pressure but he managed to settle it with one take, he quipped that due to Andy's presence, he dare not NG. Alex also added that Andy still has the charisma even though he didn't put up any makeup, which is worth learning from him.

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