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| Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Invested by Andy Lau, being the boss, of course he'll attend the promotional activity of I'll Call You which is directed by Lam Tse Chung and starring Alex Fong.

My Shoe Fairy is the other movie that Andy invested was earlier screened in Taiwan, he was satisfied with its box office collection thus he had high hopes for the box office of I'll Call You in Hong Kong.

Andy cameo in the movie with his character in Running On Karma, although just a short 2-days shooting, but it's tough on him. Andy says: "I'm really very tired, I only cameo for 2 days but need to spend a lot of time on makeup, I feel that it's troublesome, but no choice, I feel that those directors willing to use me, I'll appear in their productions."

Andy intend to focus this year's work on his albums and would only accept one movie offer. With regards to reports in Korea that he would be collaborating with Leon Lai and Summo Hung in a Romance of the Three Kingdom movie, he express that there's no such matter as he love the characters in Three Kingdom and actually he would like to be Cao Cao.

Andy says: "I feel that the 3 kingdom dynasty is not a bad dynasty, actually the one that I'm shooting is also fixed during the time of 3 kingdom, actually a lot of stories are worth everyone to study in there, I like Cao Cao the most, actually he's good or bad, still require many history to study about him."

news from: TVBS E-News