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| Thursday, April 13, 2006

Two Hong Kong Film Awards calibre directors Peter Chan and Derek Yee had recently strike a collaboration as they prepare to produce a movie with a $30 million budget, it will use American movie - Traffic which swept 4 Oscar awards as blueprint, the male lead would be Andy Lau and Daniel Wu, they would be policemen, feared by drug traffickers.

As the Hong Kong movie industry is undergoing difficulties, but Peter and Andrew Morgan of Million Dollar Baby and Perhaps Love fame, set up a new distribution company called Arm which specially seek for collaborators in Hong Kong as it hopes to provide financial and dirstibuting help to some quality movies. It's first strike would be a movie produced by Peter and directed by Derek, it will be titled Protege, the theme of the movie would be police fighting against drug traffickers, with Andy and Daniel as the leads.

It's heard that it'll take Traffic as its blueprint, with 5 main characters and it would be a male movie, the production team would like to look for 5 manly actors. During preparation, both Peter and Derek approached Andy and Daniel whom both express their interest but yet confirmed, thus when reporter rectify with Andy, he replied through his assistant: "The offer did came in, but it's still in the initial stage, no contract signed, thus could not comment further."

Peter did admit that he is currently preparing for Protege, when asked of the details of the movie, he says: "As all actors had not signed contracts, thus I would not like to reply whom will be cast in the movie, however this movie would have 5-6 heavyweight actors, the theme will be around drugs and policemen, the script is great, thus my Arm is delighted to collaborate with Film Unlimited Production Ltd. My aim of setting up Arm is to help quality directors or movies and could distribute them to overseas and help in financial means, take S.P.L and Infernal Affairs which were such good movies but fail to break into the Mainland China market, if could help him find a solution, the production fees will increase, the quality of the movie would be different!"

Peter added: "Some movie without Mainland China market, the boss does not want to risk investing, the director would have to limit his budget, the good movies will be 'murdered', I being one of the Hong Kong movie industry would like to lend a hand."

news from: Apple Daily News