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| Thursday, April 06, 2006

Andy Lau and Winnie Leung Mun Yee were discovered meeting at a hotel's teahouse for two hours, this pair whom doesn't have any acquaintance, actually they have a "special relationship".

Around 1:00 PM, Winnie self drove and was the first to reach Harbour Plaza Hotel's chinese restaurant at Whampoa Garden.

Andy arrived 5 minutes later in his nanny's car, there were several other female sharing the same table. Once they meet each other, they were chatting non-stop as the atmosphere was good. They sat in a corner table in order not to be disturbed by others.

Two hours later, Andy leave whereas Winnie leave with her female friends with all smiles. It never seems that Winnie and Andy had any acquaintance but they still to know each other well from the way they chatted.

The reporter later caught up with Winnie and she directly admitted that she had met Andy but as a fan. She says: "I'm his loyal fan, I join his fan club for a few years when I was still studying and before joining Miss Hong Kong pageant but I stop my membership after I entered showbiz, but I still supported him, he's very good to his fans as there would be gathering for tea and meals and he was understanding to me (fans), he won't request for special guest room, his close relationship to fans is worth me learning from him. Today, one of the fans got married last year, we specially meet him to show him the wedding photographs."

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News