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| Saturday, April 08, 2006

The 25th Hong Kong Films Awards will kick off at 7:30 pm tonight with the Best Actor and Actress awards being the focus. Tony Leung Kar Fai whom openly express that he will not win the award after being nominated with Everlasting Regret and Election. Whereas Zhou Xun was the hot favorite for the Best Actress award, who will win the award, stay tune to TVBS special report.

For the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards' Best Actors nominees photo-taking, it's also meaningful as Andy Lau said: "People were saying that Tony was standing on top thus not scared of cold, I'm in the front-line, after acting for so many years, I'm still dashing forward, when I see myself, with so many best actors over me, I'm so pressurise."

For Andy whom "transform" from young to old, the Hong Kong film critics thinks that he's the bravest to change his image, for his transformation in Running On Karma winning him a Best actor award, will he be this lucky again?