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| Friday, April 14, 2006

Johnnie To whom recently won the Best Director award in the recent Hong Kong Films Awards was earlier interviewed by a cable TV station's Entertainment News where he talks about his outlook for the future of Hong Kong movie industry.

When talked about his collaboration with Andy Lau, he said: "Initially when I first collaborate with him, I always asked him: "Why do you must put your hands into the pocket to know how to act? You must always comb your hair to call that good?" Until we shot Running Out of Time, I told him: "I think you should try to act without posing, this is not the Hong Kong Coliesum." I think he should be feeling very bad that time, but I can see that he can act better nowadays, he now understand what is movie, he shown great improvements as he slowly build up everyone's confidence. Of course I think that he best should not invest in movies, hahaha!"

news from: Ta Kung Po