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| Sunday, June 04, 2006

Andy Lau was interview by Stephen Chan yesterday and he exclaimed that Stephen could ask him all sorts of question, at most he answer them selectively.

In between Stephen gave Andy a smiling Buddha as he expressed that he collected 2 smiling Buddha, one he gave it to Lee Young Ae and one to Andy as he knows that Andy is a Buddhist. Andy exclaimed that he had being a Buddhist for more than 10 years and has a Buddhist name of "hui gou" (literally translated as intelligent fruit), he doesn't know what's his level as his shifu didn't tell him.

Andy was all smiles when he got the present as he immediately gave the smiling Buddha a kiss. When reporters asked Stephen to give Andy another smiling Buddha, Andy exclaimed that he prefers Guan Yin.

Andy and Daniel Wu would be collaborating in a new movie and he would be playing an evil character as a drug lord, while Daniel will be the police. Andy exclaimed that he will dye part of his hair white and he would need to re-dye his hair white every 3 days to maintain the colour. In addition, he would be releasing his new album in July, thus he would need to dye his hair back to black.

Stephen is famous for asking question with regards to artiste's privacy, thus he asked when will Andy get married and retire, he would also ask Andy how he arranged alleged girlfriend Zhu Liqian when to appear in and leave Hong Kong. Andy express that he would not answer the questions, thus Stephen pointed out that no answers means the questions were not asked.

news from: Ming Pao, Sina.com

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