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| Monday, May 29, 2006

Being a Buddhist, on the first and fifteen of every lunar month Andy Lau will be a vegetarian. When he was in Taiwan two days ago, it was the first of the lunar month of May and he behave himself by having vegetarian for the whole day, however when the day is over, he immediately rushed off for spicy steamboat!

It had been 9 months since Andy came to Taiwan, he secretly went to meet members of Andy World Club in Kaoshiung, this trip is to have a gathering with his fans and no other public activities, therefore his schedule was under wrapped, even his fans kept quiet and don't want to reveal anything on their idol. After the gathering at Kaoshiung, Andy immediately jet off to Taipei CSK Airport from Kaoshiung International Airport. The fans prepared 5 cars to wait for his arrival, when Andy walked out of the custom, he personally waved to the fans and the arrival hall was shaken by the screams of close to 100 fans which attracted several on-lookers. The fans then followed Andy to the hotel that he stayed.

After resting for a short time in the hotel, he went out for a night tour of Taipei, being a Buddhist, he would eat vegetarian on the first and fifteen of the lunar month, as it was the first day of the lunar month of May, he had vegetarian food for the whole day, when he discover that the day had passed (around 11:00 pm to 1:00am), he immediately asked his crew members to Taipei's famous spicy steamboat restaurant as he ordered several meat.

The "idol-chasing pack" whom were responsible for protecting Andy arrived shortly after, Andy and his crew members choose the minimum NT$1,000 spending per person "top class private room" to enjoy their spicy steamboat. Andy's appearance caused the restaurant to be fully packed as several fans accompanied their idol to eat spicy steamboat. After satisfying his craving for spicy steamboat, a satisfied Andy left the restaurant and take his nanny car back to Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel where he stayed, the fans still followed him as they wanted to catch another glimpse of their idol. A thoughtful Andy said to them: "Good night!"

news from: SingTao News

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