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| Thursday, June 01, 2006

Being ambassador of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation for 13 years, Andy Lau was at the Ocean Park to attend the Ocean's Conservation Foundation 13 anniversary charity activity 2 nights ago. He expressed that he hope to raise HK$3 million per year for the foundation for different researches and education purposes.

Andy transformed to a dolphin and sea lion trainer as he first instruct sea lion Camy to do some clapping and bowing actions, it seems that Andy had a good mutual understanding with the sea lion as it successfully complete every movement. Andy then collaborate with 2 dolphins as he asked them to come out of the water for self introduction, however the dolphins ignore his call for them to get out of the water to greet the audience.

Andy seems embarrasses of his failure as he immediately asked for the help from the professional female trainer to instruct them together for the same action, they finally perform the actions at Andy's third attempt. Andy then instruct the dolphins to do other actions which include turning in circles and jumping into mid-air, he also directed them to sing and won the applause from the audience.

With regards to his failure to instruct the dolphins, Andy immediately express that dolphin is hard to adapt to instruction by a different person as it need to communicate with its trainer more often, he only being trained by the trainer on the spot and too many person watching them during the rehearsal, thus flaws in the performance is normal, most important is passing the message on conservation across to the audience as he urges everyone to protect every mammals as mammals are the same as human, everyone need to cherish them. He said: "During rehearsal, there were so many people, the dolphins were curious whom should they listen to, therefore I slow down my actions for them to see clearly what instructions I'm giving them!"

In order to become friends with the dolphins, it takes time as he remember when he was a trainer in 1995, he spent a lot of time to accompany the mammals. Andy could not forget the late killer whale Willy which he collaborate in the movie, Moon Warriors, he played with it and become best partners. Andy said: "During shooting with Willy, I was shooting a scene where I scolded him and asked him to leave, we shot the scene here, it kept looking at me and refuse to leave, I hit it and it really went away. After that incident, I need to spend another 2-3 months before our relationship back to as before, they're like kids."

Andy then sighs: "I became friends with killer whale Willy after the shooting, in the past I would always come to the Ocean Park to celebrate its birthday, I came for a consecutive of 3 years, I helped him bath, clean his home, it's a good experience, now Wily has passed away, I lost a partner, I always think of him."

Andy send his congratulations to Faye Wong for giving birth to a daughter but he didn't call her to send his regards as he seldom keep in contact for her but he's happy for her.

Andy revealed that he's currently busy recording his new album and it will be completed in the end of June and the album will be released in August, the album will be slightly different from his previous album, he says: "This time round, a new direction is changed, everyone need some consolation and some happiness ... betray by friends, failure in love, sick ... many things happen in this world, you can find one song that will cure your discomfort."

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news from: SingPao, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sina.com

Andy Lau