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| Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It had been some time since Andy Lau went to Taiwan, although he was busy with the recordings of his Cantonese album, he still took some time off to Kaoshiung and Taipei to meet his fans by organising two gatherings which attracted thousands of Andy World Club fans to get close contact with him.

Andy had many fans in Taiwan, this time round he managed to meet several new members whom are the babies of the fans, th eyoungest being 3 months old. In addition, there were two to-be-mothers whom wanted to register for their yet-to-born babies. Andy quipped: "Unexpectedly that there are so many babies members in my fan club, a total number of close to 100 babies, I think I need to consider singing kids songs."

Hardly a chance to gather with the fans, with Dragon Boat Festival round the corner, Andy seize the chance to celebrate with the fans in advance as he organised dumpling wrapping competition in the gathering as the fans spend all their efforts to wrap delicious dumplings for Andy to eat. Andy also personally demostrate how to wrap a dumpling within 3 minutes as he won the applause from the fans.

The fans were surprised that being a heavenly king, Andy knew how to wrap dumplings. Andy explains that his family formerly opened a provision shop, Hongkongers don't only eat dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival as they would also bought some to eat, thus since young he had been helping his mother to wrap dumplings, however he only knew how to wrapped Hong Kong style dumpling and not Taiwanese dumplings by looking at how they are shaped. Nowadays, he seldom wrap dumplings for himself, if he wants to, he would not add egg yolk as it's high cholesterol and he won't eat it.

In the gathering, other than playing games with the fans and sing for them, Andy also answers all questions from the fans. Some fans asked if he would set off to Hanzhou next month for the shooting of director Xie Jin's movie, Andy expressed: "Frankly speaking, nobody had discussed with me on this matter, I'm not sure how this news came about. I did met Xie before in some gatherings, he also never told me anything on inviting me to be cast in his movies or other stuffs. For some recent news, everyone don't believe them immediately, I also never made any replies as I know that those was not said by Xie personally, I also never said what was reported to Xie as in the report, thus this should be a misunderstanding."

Andy also revealed that he's currently busy recording his Cantonese album which will be released in August, later he would be having some work committments on album promotions and shooting of Derek Yee's new movie.

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