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| Sunday, June 11, 2006

Twins were at the recording of TVB8's Music On Fire two nights ago as they played games with fans and promote their latest Mandarin album. When Gillian Chung was told that Andy Lau wanted to hug her, she got excited and exclaimed that she would glad to gave her first to Andy but pending on approval from her company.

Andy whom earlier claimed that he would like to hug Karena Lam and Gillian. When told, Gillian got excited and asked if it's a lover's scene, would kissing be needed? Gillian exclaimed: "It's best to be gentle, however being rough is okay with me too! (Would you give your first wet kiss to Andy?) I thought of that, but my company don't approve, at least I must be 30-years-old. (You could endure for so long?) It's quite difficult, actually it's quite embarrassing behind scene, like the last time I kiss the forehead of Stephen Fung in 49 Days, I'm scared that I bang my head against his head, resulting in NG!"

Meanwhile, Charlene Choi whom had kissing scene experience with Andy, did the scene in one attempt. When asked if she was disappointed, Charlene said: "We need to kiss in different angles, thus we did kiss many times! (Miss filming with Andy?) Delighted working with him, he teaches me many things. (Is Andy well verse in his kissing?) It's filming.... we need to do it in many positions, I think it's okay!"

news from: Sun News, SingTao News