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| Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sammy and Kitty's Commercial Radio programme - Kungfu Clan organised "Top 10 Female Artistes that You Wished to Molest" online voting which create a stir among female groups, whereas RTHK's programme - Eve Maria organised another online voting titled "The Man that I Most Wanted To .... " held its prize presentation ceremony yesterday. Andy Lau came out top in the "The Man I Wanted to Hug In My Heart", "The Man That I Wanted to Marry to" and "The Most Talented Male".

Andy attended the prize presentation ceremony to collect his 3 awards, after the comperes Anna Yau Hoi Man and Vanessa Yeung were hugged by Andy, to the admiration of fan. They exclaimed that their heart beat increased and have a feeling. Andy quipped that both ladies are very tall, Vanessa regretted that she didn't wore high heels.

In addition, Andy whom defeated Lau Ching Wah and Wong Li-hom to become the "The Man That I Wanted to Marry to" expressed that he could not find true love but his main requirement is the other party must be kind hearted. He exclaimed: "I've yet found a woman that I really love, that's why I'm not married, everyone look at my eyes to see the sincere in them, I'm saying the truth!"

Andy quipped that he's worth to be marry to as he lead a stable life, income and a healthy body of a 40-years-old, he says: "However, it would be sad marrying to me, as the paparazzi always follow wherever I go, it would be pressurise, she would be laugh if she's ugly, she could not put on weight, although it's tough but it's worth it as I'll do my best to protect the person I love."

Andy then talked about the female artistes that he had hugged before, he having filmed in more than 100 movies, he had lost count on the number of actresses that he had hugged, but the most special being Idy Chan, he said: "Although she put on a brave front, when I hugged her, she treated me as if I'm her boyfriend, she lie herself on my body as if she's dissolve in my hug as if I'm her partner."

When asked whom he wish to hug, Andy quipped that he had hugged all of them but he seldom hug newcomers, he yet to hug Karena Lam and Gillian Chung, he hope to get the chance to hug them. He said: "Actually I would like to hug Karena, believed many people also wished to! I also yet to hug Gillian."

When talked about Top 10 Female Artistes that You Wished to Molest" online voting, Andy did read the related news articles and did warn Sammy and Kitty to be careful, he says: "The Internet is very developed nowadays, when I know Sammy and Kitty, they are still very young, but they're the role models of teenagers, hope that they should look at this matter, when I accidentally spoke vulgarities on TV many years ago, it also attracted many unhappy replies." Andy also added that his website could be considered as healthy but in between there would be strange questions as some asked if he lost his fighting spirit as he kept bowling.

When talked about the trade secret Sichuan mask changing art was disclose in public for money recently, Andy said: "I think the person whom disclose the secret is having a bad mentality, if being a person whom know magic and seeing other people performing magic, even we know his secret, we won't disclose his secrets, this is meaningless, it makes the attracting secret of this skill to be gone, I think a person need to perfect his skills, just like singing and dancing before performing it."

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