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| Sunday, June 25, 2006

Despite Andy Lau being a heavenly king megastar, still has to taste the good food is around the world, he still visit the tea-house restaurant frequent visited by normal Hongkongers. Around 5:30pm, he was spotted having fish ball noodles at Central, he also had some take-aways, he did spotted the reporters when boarding his car and he wave to them.

In addition, Andy was earlier interviewed by TVB's top executive Stephen Chan. They talked about his love life, Andy did not admit or denied of his alleged relationship with Zhu Liqian but claimed that he will get married and have children at the suitable time. He revealed that he does not discount the chances of getting married 2-3 years later, he said: "If I like to have children, I will get married as soon as possible but currently I'm not yet mentally prepared, it's a huge responsibility to be a father, I wish to accompany my son to grow up, maybe within these 2-3 years I suddenly will have a girlfriend, suddenly get married." He pointed out that he would be the same with others when in relationship, most of the time will go overseas.

Recently, many Hong Kong artistes had ventured into Hollywood, Andy revealed that in the early 90's he was actually being offered a scene of sucking his toes in Madame Butterfly but was rejected by him, he said: "I told him, I'm an asian superstar, can I be exempted from that scene? The person told me that I'm not thus he found a replacement." With regards of venturing into Hollywood, Andy stressed that he would not fight for it as he always think that they don't treat Asian artistes seriously.

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News