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| Sunday, June 25, 2006

Andy Lau whom is widely known as "tie-ren" in showbiz took some time off to meet up with good friend Lin Xi two nights ago.

Around 9:00pm, reporter discover Andy's 7-seaters was parked at Causeway Bay's Sunning Road. Until around 1:00am, Andy, Lin Xi and a friend walked out of the Japanese restaurant. They bid each other farewell and went their separate ways.

Andy's assistant expressed yesterday: "Andy and Li Xi was discussing about collaborating in music, they went off around 1:00am, Li Xi had to go home early to compose song!"

In addition, there was an alleged report in Beijing earlier that Andy was murdered which makes Andy's management company and fans unhappy, Andy's music distribution company in Beijing yesterday held a press conference to express that they will file a lawsuit against the newspaper.

news from: Sun News