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| Wednesday, June 28, 2006

At the large scale variety show Bravo China, heavenly king megastar Andy Lau sang the song Zhong Guo Ren, his singing won the hearts of many patriot's hearts.

Many years ago, Andy help the government to trigger the economy by shooting a commerical with the golden phrase which similiar to his songs won the hearts of the citizens, he said: "The current customer service is not up to standard!" This commercial encourage the citizens to hold onto their job and show more sincerity in order to attract tourists, this allow Hong Kong's economy to revive. So what kind of encouragements does Andy has for us?

"If you asked me, I think I'll use back the phrase of 'The current customer service is not up to standard' to encourage everyone. Because people are still using this phrase, this shows that Hongkongers had a hardworking mentailty, no matter how difficult days are, they're not disappointed, we're still trying to improve, this phrase not only show the attitude of those in service side, it represents every hearts in Hong Kong, with the current prosperity in Hong Kong, we still need to improve, we hope Hong Kong to be well forever."

"The society is formed by people, if everyone did their part, the society will get well. After handing over for 9 years, everyone experience the high and low finanical periods, no matter what happens, I strongly believe Hongkongers could get through it. In the past 1 year, Hong Kong's financial seems to get better, but the same old phrase current customer service is not up to standard' . We can still improve, still many things to work hard on, I believe the Hong Kong government, Chinese government has the same hope as us, thats Hong Kong to be doing well. However, Roma is not built within one day, thus all must endure and continue to work hard, a society need to collaborate in order to succeed, the government need to improve, we also need to improve, everyone work hard then we can achieve our dreams."

Andy was once be voted by teenagers as the man to become the Chief Executive, it's because of his healthy image, filial and hardworking. Andy has a nickname of 'tie ren' in showbiz, everyone thinks that he's as hardworking as his Chinese zodiac - Ox.

"Hongkongers are famous for being hardworking, this is the beauty of Chinese, I don't mind to be an ox, hope everyone continue to work hard and built this society. China is our parents, Hong Kong is like a children that came back from overseas studies, on certain point of view and thoughts, the parent and children think differently, should not fight with each other but need to communicate and agree on terms, this will have harmony, I believe no parents would harm their children, and believe that Hong Kong will want to be a good children."

news from: Wei Wen Po