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| Friday, July 28, 2006

11th Golden Bauhinia Awards had recently announced it's nomination list for the Best Actor award. Andy Lau (Wait 'Til You're Older), Chapman To (Isabella), Eason Chan (Crazy in the City), Tony Leung Kar Fai (Everlasting Regret) and Simon Yam (Election) were nominated with their outstanding performances in their individual movies.

With regards on being nominated for the Best Actor award, Andy said: "Of course I'm delighted to be nominated for the Best Actor award, however I more happy that Lam Ka Tung was nominated for Best Supporting Actor as I hope he could win as he's a very hardworking actor."

In addition, with regards to the script of Wait 'Til you're Older being nominated, Andy feel consolidated, he says: "Finally someone had noticed this script! Actually among the common commercialise and triad movies scripts, it's a brave move to write the script of Wait 'Til you're Older, such family related scripts are not common in Hong Kong, it also comes with some educational meaning, it's a very "heart" script! Previously in the Golden Horse Film Awards and Hong Kong Films Awards, it was not nominated, I always feels that it's a pity, I feel sad for the scriptwriter - Cheung Chi-Kwong. He spent a lot of time and effort to write the script, there was many times that I studied with Cheung on how to come up with the best script, it's a rare case that a scriptwriter be present throughout the shooting, he working very hard, I feel that he should win the award!"

news from: Net Ease