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| Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Andy Lau's soon-to-be-released Cantonese album Voice has a single Mandarin track titled 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' which is a breakthrough of previous singers' premiere of the song as on 10 July, it was premiere through mobile phone network, within 2 weeks, the earning had exceeded millions. On 1 September, Andy will have a fan gathering at Guangzhou to meet his 'xin gan bao bei' (darlings).

The song 's lyrics was written by Andy as he used "life observer" to write the love song. He used the song to express that when loving someone, other than one need to give all for the other party, one also need to take care of oneself, arrange one's life properly, that's the attitude of loving someone. According to the distributor of the album, the result of the premiere through mbile phone network delights the company and Andy. Till now, the song is still number one on the chart.

In addition, the music video is also undergoing shooting as computer effects were used, thus it required more time to post-production, even Andy was anticipating to watch the completed music video. For the whole video, there is only Andy with a drawing book, being an experienced actor, he also display all the facial expression requested by the director, his every movement and expression were like acting opposite another person.

On the other hand, the director also asked Andy's fans to join in the cast as they were arranged to stationed themselves at a big space to use ink to draw Andy, this is to show that it's everyone's undying support and encouragement to be what he was today, this is what Andy wanted to tell his darlings, he hope that the message of the lyrics: loving oneself and facing life bravely although with difficulties would be passed to the fans.

On 1 September, Andy will be in Guangzhou to promote this album where fans could communicate with him in zero distance. For more information of the activity, watch out for the information in Andy World Club website.

news from: Sina.com