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| Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The movie All About Love will be screened in Japan on 12 August thus Andy Lau touched down in Tokyo on 23 July for a series of promotion activities of the movie. It was heard that even before the movie was screened, it had already won good reviews from Japanese movie critics. Many Japanese TV stations and magazines were fighting to interview Andy, it was heard that his schedule for the few days stay in Japan was full as he need to work from day to night.

Andy was first interview by TV stations and magazine before rushing off to Fuji TV station in the afternoon for the recording of Warratte litomo, which had been having live telecast for more than 30 years, as it's special guest where he met Smap's Katori Shingo. When he was promoting A Fighter's Blues some years ago in Japan, he had already attended SMAP's programme, to be able to meet Katori Shingo, both of them quipped that they have affinity to meet again.

In the programme, Andy and Katori Shingo played blackjack game, using Japanese most popular ice-cream popularity chart as "points". Andy whom seldom eat ice-cream was unfamiliar of which ice-cream flavours are popular thus he guessed the wrong points after several attempts thus resulted to "over 21 points", even Andy can't help but to burst into laughters, some female audiences called out "andy" to cheer for him. With the clues given by the compere, he manage to guess the mango ice-cream as number one to obtain one point. Andy doesn't know he should cry or smile.

At night, Andy was at a cinema in Ginza to meet the 300 audience whom had bought the premiere screening on 12 August for a shake hands appreciation event.

When Andy arrived, close to 200 fans were waiting for him, there were around 500 fans waiting at the cinema's exit after the event, the crowd jam packed the street which attracted TV stations sending out crews to report the news.

This made the cinema and organiser anxious where they initially suggested that Andy should not leave until further arrangements by them.

Andy whom had experience such situation told the Japanese crew members not to worry as he has confidence of his fans all over the world as he believed that they would behave themselves, he later exit the venue with the securities' escort, some hundreds of fans were walking behind and cheering him, the situation is like a VIP walking down the street.

Other than the tight schedule of promtion activities, Andy also seize the chance to have a gathering with 600 Andy World Club members where they gave him specially made Honorary Fellow and 2 All About Love teddy bears which delights him, as it would require 4 huge luggages for all the presents that he had received for this trip.

In addition, it was also an unforgettable trip for Andy as all his luggages were lost when he arrived in Tokyo on the first day, thus he had to use the 30 minutes free time to purchase all the items that he need at the department store of the hotel that he was staying. He bought shirts, pants, shoes, undergarments, shavers and skin care products.

Andy said: "I've never tried buying so many stuffs in a short time as I really don't have the time, if I failed to buy the items within 30 minutes, I'll need to attend promotion activities, I'll be working from 9 in the morning till 11 at night, there won't be any chance to buy any item, I still remember that I just shop at the department store's male section, I just buy whatever items that I see, there's no time to try."

When Andy checked out at the airport, every crew members managed to collect their luggages except him, initally the airport staffs told him not to worry as there would be a possibility that someone took his luggage by mistake and the person would return them soon, however after checking, it was found out that his luggage was not loading onto the same flight he took but was loading to a flight for China's Qindao, the airline seriously gave him a super big present!

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