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| Monday, July 24, 2006

A major Hong Kong production Protege had started shooting, it claimed to be a movie vying for next year's Hong Kong Films Awards. Andy will be a drug lord in the movie, as his character is quite old, thus he dye his hair grey.

Although Crazy Stone is doing very well in Mainland China, other than the Shanghai Film Festival, he never help in the promotion as his work schedule is full, currently he was shooting Derek Yee's latest movie - Protege.

According to Mainland China's investors, the movie is a drug related thriller as Andy will be a drug lord for the first time, his wife would be Anita Yuen and Daniel Wu as his disciple whom is a mole from the police force.

"Andy is very serious of the movie, he started to study the script during the World Cup, after the World Cup had ended, he immediately join the shooting, as his character is older, therefore he dye his hair grey." Other than Andy and Daniel, Louis Koo and Zhang Jing from Mainland China are also in the cast. "The budget for this movie is huge, this will be a major production as Andy expressed that he wanted to win the Best Actor award in next year's Hong Kong Films Awards with this movie."

The movie has a huge production team with directed by Derek Yee, produced by Peter Chan and it is scheduled to be screened during next year's Chinese New Year.

news from: CCTV