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| Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Andy Lau jetted off to Japan to promote the movie All About Love two days ago. At the press conference yesterday afternoon, it attracted hundred of media to report on the event. During the press conference, Andy didn't forget to send his regards to the victims of the rain storm in Kyushu, he also took the initiative to go off the stage to take photographs with a group of Japanese female reporters which caused a chaotic scene.

Andy whom had not been to Japan for some time was in Japan to promote All About Love which will be screened soon there. Andy first appeared at Shinjuku's Fuji TV station to be the special guest for evergreen live programme No Harm Smiling (literally translated) as he played games with the compere Katori Shingo whom was one member of SMAP. On that day, Andy participate in a game similiar to Blackjack guessing the favourite ice-cream of Japanese girls, howeverAndy made the wrong predictions and thus his group lost.

Andy then rushed off to Ginza for the press conference with director Derek Yu. Earlier there was a terrible rainstorm in Kyushu which resulted in many injured and death, Andy send his regards and concern in the press conference, he says: "Although many natural diseaster happened in recent years, but I hope that all victims could be strong." Andy also performed the magic in All About Love to spurn up the atmosphere.

Andy's Infernal Affairs and House of Flying Daggers were screened in Japan before thus he had a certain level of popularity in Japan and has quite a number of fans, unexpectedly some female reporters were also his fans, to be able to get close to their idol, they were delighted as they screamed out loud when Andy was performing magic.

After the press conference, Andy took the initiative to walk down the stage to take a group photograph with the media. In the end, a group of female reporters put down their pens to dashed foward to Andy's side thus creating a chaotic scene. Even the compere quipped: "Is this a press conference or a fan gathering?"

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sun News